Sharepod is a popular music transfer application that allows you to copy content from an iDevice to the computer and iTunes. It has a lot of features that set it apart from iTunes like recovery after a computer crash, ability to edit song’s metadata. It has a simple interface but no playback support is present. There are many alternatives to Sharepod even though it was popular. This is because of multiple factors like price, functionality and compatibility. This list will run down the top alternatives for Sharepod that is available on Mac and Windows.

  • Wondershare TunesGo Retro

This is perhaps the best-paid alternative to the original Sharepod out there on the market right now. It has a very user-friendly interface even for someone who is not well versed in the computers. It is able to share audio, images and videos effortlessly to and from an iPad, iPod and iPhones, and a computer.  It is available for both Mac and Windows platforms and costs around $40 as a one-time purchase.

  • YamiPod

This is a free alternative to Sharepod for your iPod library. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is very simple to use and can be run directly run from the iPod itself. It doesn’t need an extra installation. The menu interface has support from over 28 languages and it has features like removing duplicated tracks, auto-download and support for multiple iPods. YamiPod works with almost any new OS making it a safe bet if you don’t want to pay but don’t want to lose out on the experience.



  • Senuti

This is a Mac only software that is a 2-in-1 Sharepod alternative that lets you transfer your data and recovers your iTunes library in one click. There is also added functionality like the ability to preview songs and videos that you want to share or recover. The developer has implemented an intuitive drag and drops functionality to make the whole software feel more easy and seamless. It works for both one song or for an entire playlist and Senuti can also identify duplicate tracks and ask you whether to keep or delete them. This software costs $19 as a one-time purchase.

  • DiskAid

This is also a great choice as an alternative to Sharepod. It allows you to transfer various types of data between multiple devices and your computer over USB or Wi-Fi. They also allow you to edit directories which makes it easier to stay organized. DiskAid is available on Mac and Windows for $30 as a one-time purchase but there is a free version to try out before forking out the cash.

  • iFunBox

This is a free Windows-only alternative to the Sharepod that is simple and easy to use. There is a lot of functionality in this software though some require your device to be jailbroken. iFunBox also implements the drag and drop system with no need for installation along with useful features like Backup and One-Stop.

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