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You need to share your Wi-Fi password with another person, but you just can not remember what the password is. Luckily you’ve stored the network on your smartphone and … hey, a moment! By accessing the phone settings you can not see the password of the network you are connected to, I guess? Well, know that it’s absolutely normal.

By default, neither Android nor iOS allow you to view the passwords of the wireless networks you are connected to (or to which you have connected in the past) in plain text. If you want to perform an operation of this kind, you have to turn to third-party solutions, which, however, only work after unlocking the device via root or jailbreak. Or, again, you need to access the router settings panel and “peek” the Wi-Fi password from there.

How do you say? Do you urgently need to recover the password of your Wi-Fi network and then you would like to know more? No problem. Take five minutes of free time and let me explain how to see the WiFi password from the phoneusing some of the best solutions available on the square today. I will then show you how to display the Wi-Fi password via the router’s admin panel and how to search for passwords for public Wi-Fi networks. Good reading and, above all, good luck for your search!

How to see the WiFi password from the Android phone

As already mentioned in the opening of the post, to see the WiFi password from the phone on Android must get root permissions on the device. The root procedure, if I had never heard of it, allows you to perform several operations that normally would not be allowed by Android, for example the modification of advanced system settings or access to protected files, such as the one with the network keys wireless. It is not very difficult to implement, but it can lead to data loss and invalidation of the smartphone warranty. If you are still decided to proceed, knowing that the steps to be taken vary from device to device, see my generic tutorial on how to root on Androidand my specific guides on how to unlock a Samsung device , a Huawei device or a Wiko device .

Once you have root permissions on Android, you just have to open the Play Store(the colorful Play symbol that you find in the home screen) and download one of the many apps that allow you to recover the passwords of wireless networks stored on your smartphone: this I recommend WiFi Password Recovery , which is free (with banner ads, removable with an in-app purchase of 1.99 euros) and also allows you to force the recovery of passwords for networks that are not stored on the device (operation that, as obvious, it does not always succeed and must be used with extreme caution, as it may allow to know the passwords of other people’s networks: I do not take any responsibility in this regard, let’s be clear!).

Once the download of WiFi Password Recovery is complete, start the application, close the advertising and press first on the Get Permission & recover passwords button located on the Saved WiFi tab and then on the Grant button , to grant root permissions and view, therefore, the list of all wireless networks stored on Android with the corresponding access keys.

If you want to try to recover the password of a Wi-Fi network that is nearby but not stored in the memory of your smartphone, go to the WiFi Scanned WiFi Password Recovery tab , grant the app permission to access your location , select the network to “attack” and presses the OK button . Within a few minutes, you will know the password of the network or, if the attack is not successful, you will see a message that will warn you of the failure of the operation.

Note: if the application should give you problems, you can try WiFi Key Recovery , which is a very good alternative to the latter (also free and with the need to activate the root permissions to work).