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Many people in Rockhampton are aware of a solicitor Rockhampton. However, the exact definition and role of a solicitor Rockhampton is the thing that confuses many Rockhampton residents.

What is a Solicitor?

A solicitor Rockhampton is a legal expert. He/she knows everything about the area of legal specialisation just like any lawyer. However, a solicitor Rockhampton performs more behind-the-scene legal work. In a nutshell, a solicitor can and would be able to do all legal documentation and offer legal advice, but will not handle court trials.

The term “lawyer” is popularly used in the U.S. while “solicitor” is the term coined by the British to describe an attorney. The big difference between a lawyer and a solicitor is the role they play with their clients.

Representing a client in court is the big role lawyers play. Yet, solicitors also play an important role by instructing a lawyer on the steps to take in a court trial.

What are the Roles of a Solicitor?

  • Taking instructions and advising clients on the actions they can legally do for their case is one of the primary roles of a solicitor.
  • Preparing the case for a lawyer as well as instructing a lawyer on ways to represent the interests of their common client is an important responsibility provided by a solicitor.
  • Solicitors are the first point of contact when people need legal help. This allows them to establish a close relationship with their clients.
  • They take care of non-contentious and contentious legal work. A solicitor acts as a mediator when involved in contentious legal work. His/her mediation skills come into play when he achieves a settlement between the two parties involved.

Drafting agreements or contracts between two corporations looking to merge allows the solicitor to handle non-contentious legal work. The nature of non-contentious legal work for solicitors is more advisory than anything else.

A Day in the Life of a Solicitor

While the day-to-day activities of a solicitor may vary, some of the typical tasks involving their legal expertise include:

  • Prepare and instruct cases for lawyers
  • Meet, interview, and advise various clients
  • Research and interpret the complexities of the law
  • Create drafts of legal agreements or contracts
  • Provide clients with specialised commercial and legal advice on many areas of the law

The practice areas of law that solicitors generally handle include:

  • Family Law
  • Sports contracts and agreements
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Private Equity
  • Tax laws
  • Employment Law
  • Intellectual property Law

The work areas that are highly popular with solicitors include:

Public Sector

Handling legal work on behalf of the government is quite popular with many solicitors. Solicitors working for the public sector are usually seen in the Department of Education or the Treasury Department. The favourable working hours of the public sector make them a popular choice for many solicitors.

Law Firms

The specialised businesses of law firms provide clear and defined roles for their legal team. Solicitors are part of the equation for both small and huge law firms. Being experts in legal research, investigation, and drafting of contracts and agreements make solicitors an important team member of any law firm.


Freelance solicitors usually establish their law practice in small areas. Hiring their help is important when your legal issue has to do with the local authorities and laws.

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