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We are a bunch of energetic out-of-the-box thinkers who strive to make the impossible, possible.

Gloria Foster - UI Designer

Gloria is one of the best UI designers in the country at the moment. She rejected offers from Google and Amazon to build the company with her two best friends.

Matt Doran - Project manager

Matt has a dabbled in a number of things but found his calling in design thinking projects. He essentially oversees all the projects and acts as an idea therapist for projects that are in the pipeline.

Bel McClory - UX Designer

Her team up with longtime best friend Gloria is the stuff of legends; she is the most prominent UX designer in the country as of this moment. Their pairing has created a storm in the technological/innovations world. She is also credited as the person, who came up with the idea of starting a venture like this.

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Finding a technician for mobile phone repairs

If you are on the Lookout for a mobile phone repair you need to find somebody who is reliable. The right person will be responsible for fitting and testing the phone and repairing any damage to it. You can either go for a mobile repairer who works for retailer or you might find somebody who works on their own. The first thing that need to do before sending your device for mobile repair is to find out what exactly is wrong with the phone. Make sure that you have cleared the phone of all the important data and store it in a safe place. Before you send a mobile phone for repair it is important to keep all your mobile data in one place so that it is not misused by anybody else.

Mobile technician basically dismantles parts of the phone and identifies the defects on the defective parts. They make sure that they are able to repair it in the first place. However there might be instances when a repair might not work and they might need to replace the part

When you hire a mobile phone repair technician it is important that they are known for their good quality work. They should know how to handle and repair the mobile phone along with the systems and the batteries inside.

What you should keep in mind before going for mobile phone repairs

Before you just go for any mobile technician it is better that you have researched about them properly. You should also keep in mind that you have rebooted the phone at least once before giving it for a repair. Sometimes a simple error can lead to the phone crashing. However a Total system reboot would ensure that its is in working order again.

Get to know whether they are offering a guarantee on the repairs. There are certain mobile technicians who replace your screen and also offer a guarantee on it. This way if they have installed a faulty screen you can always go back and get it repaired for free first stop was so make sure that they have the popular device parts in stop. This means that they should have a variety of mobile parts for different companies so that you wouldn’t have to worry about finding it on your own.

Avoid going to a repair technicians who charges a lot less then their competitors. Although the price at each independent store might be different it is the quality of the repair and the parts which should be taken into consideration. It is better to go with a reputable mobile technician and pay a bit more then going for somebody who is friendly but might not be using the right parts.

There may be a number of reasons why your mobile phone might not turn on however there are certain things which you can try at home. The first thing you need to do is to check whether your phone is out of charge it might have run out of battery. On the other hand if the screen is not working you can simply hold the power button to shut it off and then turn it back on again. In case you have dropped your phone or got it wet, it might have water damage. It is best to leave it to a dry for at least 48 hours before switching it on again if your phone is still not working it is better that you speak to a Samsung phone repairer as soon as possible.

Best Reasons for Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

You might wonder if hiring a personal injury lawyer is what you need in the days after a personal injury has been experienced. A slip, a fall, a car accident, or a motorcycle accident can leave you to wonder if you have a case that needs help from a personal injury lawyer.

The only regret is not calling in a personal injury lawyer after a personal injury experience. It’s because talking with a personal injury lawyer is the only way to know whether you have a case or not.

Knowing whether you have a personal injury case starts with calling a personal injury lawyer. Hiring a personal injury lawyer brings multiple benefits, including:

Knows whether you have a valid claim

Reading personal injury settlement cases online may give you an idea but going through a personal injury claim is beyond you. The value of a personal injury claim goes through multiple nuances and the only legal expert that can see it through is a personal injury lawyer.

A rough settlement estimate can be done by a personal injury lawyer after considering many factors, including:

  • The seriousness of your injuries
  • The suffering and pain associated with the injuries
  • The strategy of your insurance company
  • Consult with a medical professional to come up with an estimate about your future medical needs

Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning that a settled or winning case also gets them paid. Not having to worry about paying your lawyer upfront gives you enough reason to hire a personal injury lawyer.

He/she is familiar with the personal injury legal process

Filing a personal injury claim is a legal procedure that cannot be handled by the average person. Personal injury lawyers, on the other hand, are familiar with the proper completion of forms, the statute of limitations, and the right documents to file. The technicalities that many insurance companies come up with to work to their advantage are jobs personal injury lawyers know how to handle. Missing on thousands of insurance settlement can happen when you handle the personal injury process with your insurance company.

Handle all the tough work

It’s a long and uphill climb when you wage a battle against your insurance company. Insurance companies have been seen to take advantage of people with no lawyer by their side. The highest possible settlement becomes a reality when you have a personal injury lawyer fighting for your cause.

The contingency basis motivates your lawyer to work hard for you

The contingency basis of payment is the single motivator that makes your personal injury lawyer work hard for your claim. A higher settlement is their ultimate goal to enable them to higher pay as well. They will also work hard to quickly settle your claim for you to get paid immediately.

Will not back down from going to trial

Going to trial is the next step if the insurance company refuses to settle. Your injury lawyer will not back down from going to trial if this is the scenario. Going to trial often works well since courts and juries tend to rule against insurance companies.

Medical injuries are expensive. You miss out on work and still have to pay your medical bills. Attwood are a personal injury law firm in Gold Coast, and they can help with your personal injury claim.

Sunshine Coast graphic designers- the pros of hiring an in-house graphic designer

It is common for people to hire a freelance graphic designer rather than an in house one. However this may work well for companies were simply looking for a one-time project of perhaps do not have the budget to hire somebody who’s always on the payroll. On the other hand a company which has frequent social media interactions and requires projects on a daily basis would definitely benefit in hiring an in-house graphic designer.

If you are looking for or a graphic designer who will be able to provide you with quality content on a day-to-day basis you should definitely look into hiring somebody on the payroll.

Hiring Sunshine coast graphic designers

The following are some of the benefits of hiring in house graphic designers:

Better brand designs

One of the main reasons why you would want to hire an in-house expert in graphic design is to establish your brand awareness or develop your brand’s image. Somebody who specializes in improving the brand standards and values would help you achieve that. You need someone who designs bold, consistent and unique designs. Hiring the right graphic designer would help you achieve the standard that you are looking for your brand image. They would have added advantage of knowing about your brand and understanding its values. This is because they are going to be closely associated with your company and would know how everything works. It is this very proximity which would allow them to design a logo or an image which represents your brand in the best possible light.

Better versatility

If your company is looking for somebody to help with illustration or the iconography, you would benefit from hiring an in-house graphic designer. They would be handling the whole project on their own and therefore the design would be more consistent and in alignment with your standards.

Quicker editing and changes

When you work with a freelance designer they can be situated anywhere in the world. This might cause a problem if you want immediate feedback and changes made in the work which has been sent to you. On the other hand having an in-house graphic designer would allow you to make the necessary amends in the quickest time possible. So they would be able to make the changes that you require and come up with at least two or three different designs and finally choose one which actually appeals to you.

The above mentioned are only a few of the benefits of hiring an in-house graphic designer. No matter who you decide to hire it is important that you have a strong communication with them so that you can make adjustments or changes whenever required. Some kind of messaging platform through which you can reach to them in an instant manner. Even if the graphic designer is working remotely having this system of communication would help solve many issues. Make sure you consider these things when you hire Sunshine coast graphic designers.

Information on SEO company

SEO companies are concerned with improving the quality and increasing the quantity of traffic to a website by making it more attractive and ranked at the top of search engines. A number of these companies exist in the world. Most of these companies have made their services available on the world wide web through their companies’ websites.

Roles and responsibilities of an SEO company

Realising clients’ objectives/goals – The first thing to do as an SEO company is to get some clear objectives of their customers, and it can be done by asking the client why they need the company’s services. Most of the customers want to be among the top searches on the search engines to be relevant on the internet. A good client will be clear about what they want their website to do and also provide more information when there is a need.

Carrying out an audit of the client’s current website – The company needs to analyse and evaluate the already existing website and find out some of the glitches that may make a website to be rejected by the visitors. You can start by looking at how easy it is to navigate around the menu options. You must also ensure that the website is enriched with sitemaps that will allow easy access to relevant information from the website by the visitors by clicking on the sitemaps. Moreover, you must also check on the content of the site and try to improve it to improve search engine rankings. Design a website that is user-friendly and one that lures visitors to explore just by its looks. The last important factor is to reduce the load time of a website and make it responsive.

Recognising keywords for ranking a website – an SEO company must be able to identify some keywords which visitors can quickly include in their search. The company should be aware of things like on-line (focusing on keywords for web page optimisation) and off-line (building backlinks) page SEO as well as identifying how the current website ranks to get the starting point.

Analyse the website’s backlinks – SEO company must also evaluate the backlinks of the current site. A good website should have backlinks from related websites. Well-build backlinks help to increase the credibility of a website and thus to improve search engine rankings.

Compare the client’s ranking from those of other websites – as an SEO company, and you must also compare the size of your client and other competing websites. Make your client’s website to be highly informative and have a lot of good content to increase its rankings. You should also make good use of backlinks in ways that do not violate their use. When the website has many backlinks, the search engine increases your ranking trait and credibility.

SEO review and reporting – Another important thing that an SEO company should do is to check on the client’s website’s metrics. It helps to understand areas on the site that require improvements or those that are being greatly utilised. Many analysis tools help to calculate a website’s metrics and give insights into its usage by visitors after a given period.

There are many responsibilities that an SEO company does to make their client’s website more attractive to visitors and to appear among the top of search engine optimisation. To achieve these goals, the company should engage the above-highlighted roles.


The benefits of having business lawyers in Melbourne

Most of the business owners in Melbourne seek the help of the business owners whenever they have cases in the court.  The business lawyers that you will hire will help you, but only because they need the money. When you have a business lawyer that helps you at every step you make with your business, you will get very different services because of the business lawyer minds about the growth of your business. Most of the people in Melbourne do not know the benefits of having a business lawyer, and hence they will discourage you from having one. The following are some of the benefits of hiring business lawyers in Melbourne.


Business lawyers help in selecting a perfect business structure.

One of the benefits of the business lawyers is that they will help you when it comes to selecting the perfect business structure for you. The business structure that is perfect for you is required to be decided before you start your business. At times it can be very hard for the business owners to make the right decision. Some of them end up selecting the business structure that is not good for them. To avoid making these mistakes, it is best that you consider hiring a business lawyer. In Melbourne, there are so many business lawyers that can help you in determining the business structure that will work best with you in the market. So many people have benefited from hiring these business lawyers and have flourished in their business.


They can be helpful in the drafting of contracts.

A business owner has to sign so many business contracts. Some of these contracts are service agreements and even confidentiality agreements. An agreement must be signed between more than one party. In business, the business owner and the employers are the parties that will sign the deal.  It is always wise for you to have a lawyer when you are signing these agreements since they can bind the agreement. You will also require the help o a business lawyer when you are signing a loan agreement with a bank.


They protect your business.

One of the interests of the business lawyers in Melbourne is your business. Business lawyers will want to see your business grow, and hence they will do whatever it takes to protect your business. When you are making any decision that relates to your business, the business lawyers will make sure that you are making the right decisions. This is because they need to protect your business at all costs, even if it means making you make tough decisions. They also advise you on where you should invest in your business since they want to see your business is protected.


They guide business owners on business growth.

Business owners, especially the small business lawyers, require to be guided on the way they will grow their business. It is always tough to find the person to trust for this kind of guidance. The business lawyers that you hire have worked with other business owners and have seen what has made them grow or fail in business. For this reason, they can offer you the kind of help that you need to make your business grow.

Most of the people think that the business lawyers are only for the business owners that own big business. This is not the case. You require a business lawyer as you start your business and also as you grow in business. Despite that you will have to pay them for the services that they offer you, they will help you whenever you need their help.


SEO Services New Zealand – What You Can Expect?

Have you ever thought of optimizing your website to rank well on Google? Well, if you have not decided yet, we run down a few things that you should be aware of and expect when you go and have your website optimized. Do read each one of them.

Here are the things you should expect when you go for SEO services New Zealand:

Higher traffic for your website.

If you are looking for high traffic for your website this is the way go. Imagine how many visits you are going to generate through optimizing your website. This is perfect for those who want to have a good ranking and dominate Google, so to speak.

Targeting the right people for your business.

The thing with other marketing strategies though,is that they are just hit or miss. Eventually, it will go down the drain making them waste time and money at their end. With search engine optimisation by NZSEO, you will start to notice things at improvement on the number of people inquiring about your business, and later on becoming your customers.

Generating more sales for your business.

We do know that sales is very important in any business just like yours. Thus, you need to remember that if you want to generate more sales, you need to go out there and be known. You can also do the same through SEO services New Zealand. You will see the improvement, and the figures will show itself that indeed such strategy does work wonders for your business. For sure, you will be amazed with the results of optimizing your website. However, you need to deal with an experts to have this done for you though.

More visibility online.

One thing about optimizing your website is that you will be more visible online. People will be able to know more about you, when they searched on something related to your business, or a phrase where you are being ranked on Google, they will come visit your website since it’s on the top spot. So, for sure, by now, you would want to have SEO services New Zealand done for your website, right?


Now, the challenge here is for you to go out there and find the right company to do such services for you. You can start off by searching for the top companies who are offering SEO services New Zealand at a price you can truly afford. Let’s face it, there are some companies who are offering way much more expensive prices for their services. You need to be careful when choosing which company to hire. There are loads of them on the market today.


One thing is for sure: When you do hire someone to optimize your website, you will surely reap off the benefits in the form of high traffic and more sales coming your way. This is going to be what you should be looking for and will be getting.


Top Red Flags to Watch Out for When Hiring an Accountant

Hiring an accountant is an important step any business can undertake. Accounting professionals require specific skill set for managing all your financials and taxes. While looking for an accountant Hervey Bay, be careful because you are trusting someone with your money.

Here are some red flags to look out for to ensure you get the most trustworthy accountant.

They Insist On Sharing Profits Or They Don’t Have Transparent Fees

Most accountants charge hourly rates for work done or fixed monthly rates. Be on the lookout for an accountant Hervey Bay that insists on sharing your profits.

Also, the accountant should be transparent about their fees and inform you genuinely what they charge. If they charge on percentages then they should indicate that to you prior to starting the contract.

Encouraging Fraud

If you realize that the accountant encourages fraud, stay away. Right channels of getting returns back on taxes exist. A good accountant only uses legal means to get money back, but not fraudulent methods. If the accountant is encouraging fraud, it’s likely they’ll do the same with you.

When The Promises Made Are Too Good To Be True

An accountant should not promise you unattainable things such as excess returns on your taxes. If they make such promises then it means they intend to do something illegal without your knowledge to generate for you such money.

At the end of the day, they might launder money through your business. Therefore, be extra careful with such accountants.

Credentials and Certification

If an accountant Hervey Bay works for a firm, it should have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). If they are working individually, they must have the right credentials and certifications to do accounting.

If the accountant does not seem to meet the minimum requirements or provides documents you find questionable, consider looking for another accountant.

Gaps On The Resume Might Be A Red Flag

A good accountant has a consistent career path with all employers indicated. If they keep hopping from one employer to another, it might be a sign of incompetency in their work. Make sure you ask why the accountant keeps changing jobs and wants to leave their current employment or why they left their previous job.

If They Speak Negatively Of Previous Employers

A good accountant Hervey Bay takes responsibility for their mistakes and avoids blaming others. A professional accountant is able to work as part of a team. A person who blames others may not be the best to add to your team.

Downward Movement

If you find that the accountant you intend to hire is on a downward trajectory career wise, chances are there is an issue with their previous job. Maybe they were unable to deliver the required services in their past employment.

When hiring chartered accountants located in Hervey Bay, look for consistency in a candidate’s resume and an upward trajectory. It is also important to find out an accountant’s motivation or reasons for applying to your job offer.

Effective Ways to Build a Solid Online Presence

online presence

As businesses continue to evolve, it has become very important for owners and founders to stay relevant. A lot of this evolution has to do with the widespread adoption of the Internet, so it is essential that you take your business online and create a strong online presence.

However, if you aren’t tech-savvy, getting set up online can be a cumbersome and tedious task, even with the countless available options. From creating various profiles and many accounts to building your website, the whole endeavor can be very tiring. But if you know how to start and where to target, the whole process can become quite easy.

While there are a lot of internet marketing canberra companies that can help you grow online, we will help you start doing this yourself.

To help you get started, let’s explore the steps you can employ to solidifying your presence online.

Set realistic goals and strategize

Write down what you want to achieve. Break down your plan into achievable steps and strategize on how you plan to achieve them. You need to understand what are the short-term and long-term goals for your business. As you progress, you can check back with the goals to ensure your progress, and make sure that all your efforts are helping you accomplish your goals.

You should take a breather every now and then, at least monthly to make sure that you are progressing in the right direction. It will also keep you from wasting any time.

Create your website

After you’ve laid down a plan to success, it’s time to get started. The first thing you need to get is a website made for your business. Ensure that it is designed to address the needs of your customers.

It should have an intricately crafted design that grabs the attention of potential customers, and well detailed “About Us”, “Contact Us” and a “Products/Services” page, giving all the information your customers need. If you can detail the processes your business uses and offer real testimonials, all the better.


Ok, you’ve invested in your website and have a state-of-the-art website on your hands. Now what? You need to ensure that your potential customers can find it amidst the competition.

Let’s say you offer custom made leather products through your website, there are a lot of other businesses that do the same. What SEO would do for you is when a customer searches for leather goods, it’ll help the search engine get to your website first and show it on the top in the search results. It helps users find you quicker and establish interest in your business.

Utilize Social Networks


Now that your customers know about your business, it is imperative that you keep them engaged and there is nothing better than social networks to help you achieve that. Utilize the networks to keep your customers engaged and interested in your business, cementing your online presence.

Do You Need to Hire Lawyers

When opening up a business, you have all the hope that the everything will be as per your expectations and end up generating huge profits. Our society does heavily favour this mentality. In the process of running the business, some mistakes happen,  issues come up, and therefore, you may need the assistance of the lawyer from time to time. When you have a good lawyer, you will be in a position of providing incredible value to the business, which involves protecting you from any legal implication. Other than this, there are several reasons why you need to hire a lawyer. These are:

Protection Against Lawsuits

Having a lawyer plays an essential role in protecting you against lawsuits. Generally, hiring a lawyer means that if you hire a lawyer before you get suited, can be of great benefit to you. A good lawyer is in a position of helping you in the reduction of charges. However, the protection cannot stay forever. Therefore, you need to be proactive before the lawsuit event occurs. Here, you need to get all the legalities in order in addition to covering all the bases. Find the best Gold Coast Lawyers and ensure that you are represented with the top law firm.

Mitigating Damage

A lawyer is in a position of helping you to reduce damages you encounter if the lawsuit occurs. However, for you to get the best results, you must always tell the truth. If you aim to get an honest lawyer, then you must also be honest. It does matter whether you hurt the employee. By disclosing the truth, you will let the lawyer learn everything from you rather than getting it from the side of the opposing attorney.

Drafting Of The Contract

A lawyer plays an essential role whenever you want to negotiate or draft a contract. It doesn’t matter if you’re negotiating with a supplier, customer or an employee. It becomes vital to have a specific lawyer who will be present to offer the needed help related to any legalities. Also, you will realise that there are high chances for a contract that has not been approved by the lawyer to cause problems. Therefore, your job is to run the business and leave the other option of memorising rules to your lawyer.

Business Incorporation

Business incorporation is more of receiving a certificate and handing over a check. In this process, you need someone who’s familiar in the field, and you will be in a position of getting through it without encountering any legal implication. There are chances that you might not be aware of all the legalities that are essential when it comes to business incorporation, which means that you need the assistance of a lawyer who’s skilled in the field.

State And Federal Compliance

It is true that state and federal laws are quite different and comes with their procedures that must be adhered to. Whenever, incorporating the business, performing business dealings, taking the business overseas, paying the taxes, there are the rules and regulations you need to follow. Even if you’re a small business owner, hiring a lawyer is vital for the successful running of the business.

From the above,  we can see that lawyers play a significant role in society. Other than the above roles, they also deal with issues surrounding employees, filing for the patient, buying and selling of a business, and making decisions for business structure.


3 Main Reasons Why You Need To Hire an SEO Company in Gold Coast

You have to know that SEO Gold Coast companies are essential to owners of websites, whether it is a business or not since that it can do a lot of beneficial things to the websites. Yet, aside from that, there are more reasons why you need to hire SEO Gold Coast company. You can read the list shown below to discover what these reasons which will convince you.

Here’s the list of the main reasons why it is important that you must hire a Gold Coast SEO company.

SEO Company Can Help To Obtain Excellent Results

You may be responsible for creating your website and making it attractive and interesting, but can you be responsible for obtaining a lot of traffic as well? The choice is all yours, but you have to know that there are SEO companies who will be responsible for this thing. A professional SEO Gold Coast company is capable of obtaining a lot of traffic, maybe much more of what you can obtain. It is definitely possible since that SEO company evaluates and optimises the website in order to perform better, thus, becoming a converting and fascinating website. Therefore, more people will be interested to visit your website which can result to high traffic. It all shows that SEO Gold Coast company can help owners of websites to obtain excellent results.

SEO Company Can Give You More Time

All people know that time is integral in everybody’s life. With that being said, you have to know that handling and managing a certain website can take most of your time. As a result, expect that you now cannot do the other things and activities you usually do such as watching television, reading your favourite book, and many more. So, to make things easier, you need to hire a professional SEO Gold Coast company who will be responsible for managing and handling your website. They make sure that your website will always reach the top spot on the pages of different search engines. With this, you can assure yourself that even you are away, your website is still performing well. Furthermore, you can now have more time for yourself as well.

SEO Company Is the Experts

If you are not very knowledgeable when it comes to SEO, it is really a must that you need to hire a professional SEO Gold Coast company. It is mainly because these SEO companies are known to be the experts in the field. They are well – versed in anything about SEO which ranges from placing websites on first ranks up to obtaining high traffic for the website. They only utilise proven strategies and effective techniques to provide you successful results. With this, it simply proves that SEO Gold Coast company can bring a lot of help to the newcomers in SEO industry.

You can also search on the internet the advantages that SEO Gold Coast companies can provide you, once that you hired them to convince you more.


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