Sharepod is a very simple music transfer application developed by Macroplant that allows a user to copy songs, videos and much more from any iPhone, iPad or iPod to a computer and into iTunes. It was designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Sharepod lets you copy playlists from any Apple device to the computer with just a click. It has even made it possible to recover music from a crashed computer or move music to a new computer or into iTunes easily.

All of this seems too good to be true. A free software with a lot of useful features? So naturally, the question arises of the safety of Sharepod. Is it safe? The short answer is yes. Firstly, the developers have guaranteed that Sharepod is 100% virus and malware free and does not harm the computer or devices in any way. They say that it is as safe as using iTunes as they are just using the iTunes interface to connect to the device. Apple has made it notoriously hard for people who want to transfer music to and from their devices. Sharepod is the solution in the face of that difficulty. They have built-in everything that one might need in a music transfer app. Apart from the obvious music transfer capabilities, Sharepod also has the ability to perform basic editing tasks like changing the music files’ metadata. The metadata refers to the information of the Song- Name, Artist Name, Album, Album Art, etc.


To make things safer, Sharepod does not move the files from your device to the computer but instead just copies it. This means the original data is still present on the device so rest assured no one is losing data because of Sharepod. It also does not compress or convert any files when transferring, it is just literally copying the file in its original format and size. Again, Sharepod does not affect any files on either device.

For direct transfers using iTunes, Sharepod will only add tracks to the library. Any tracks that were already on iTunes before will not be deleted or removed. Further, Sharepod has a duplicate detection system which means only files not already present in the library is imported.

As a final note, many third-party websites have looked into Sharepod and its safety. Every opinion leans into “it’s safe” category. So it is safe to say that Sharepod is pretty safe and trustworthy and moreover just a great product that filled a need in the market that Apple has never bothered to fill themselves.

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