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SEO companies are concerned with improving the quality and increasing the quantity of traffic to a website by making it more attractive and ranked at the top of search engines. A number of these companies exist in the world. Most of these companies have made their services available on the world wide web through their companies’ websites.

Roles and responsibilities of an SEO company

Realising clients’ objectives/goals – The first thing to do as an SEO company is to get some clear objectives of their customers, and it can be done by asking the client why they need the company’s services. Most of the customers want to be among the top searches on the search engines to be relevant on the internet. A good client will be clear about what they want their website to do and also provide more information when there is a need.

Carrying out an audit of the client’s current website – The company needs to analyse and evaluate the already existing website and find out some of the glitches that may make a website to be rejected by the visitors. You can start by looking at how easy it is to navigate around the menu options. You must also ensure that the website is enriched with sitemaps that will allow easy access to relevant information from the website by the visitors by clicking on the sitemaps. Moreover, you must also check on the content of the site and try to improve it to improve search engine rankings. Design a website that is user-friendly and one that lures visitors to explore just by its looks. The last important factor is to reduce the load time of a website and make it responsive.

Recognising keywords for ranking a website – an SEO company must be able to identify some keywords which visitors can quickly include in their search. The company should be aware of things like on-line (focusing on keywords for web page optimisation) and off-line (building backlinks) page SEO as well as identifying how the current website ranks to get the starting point.

Analyse the website’s backlinks – SEO company must also evaluate the backlinks of the current site. A good website should have backlinks from related websites. Well-build backlinks help to increase the credibility of a website and thus to improve search engine rankings.

Compare the client’s ranking from those of other websites – as an SEO company, and you must also compare the size of your client and other competing websites. Make your client’s website to be highly informative and have a lot of good content to increase its rankings. You should also make good use of backlinks in ways that do not violate their use. When the website has many backlinks, the search engine increases your ranking trait and credibility.

SEO review and reporting – Another important thing that an SEO company should do is to check on the client’s website’s metrics. It helps to understand areas on the site that require improvements or those that are being greatly utilised. Many analysis tools help to calculate a website’s metrics and give insights into its usage by visitors after a given period.

There are many responsibilities that an SEO company does to make their client’s website more attractive to visitors and to appear among the top of search engine optimisation. To achieve these goals, the company should engage the above-highlighted roles.


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